Summer Basketball Fun for Kids

Filipino Basketball Academy Summer Program

[A message from our Director, Coach Bernard Barcenilla, about the importance of keeping our kids active.]

Youth basketball is a great way for kids to build and foster friendships, develop teamwork skills, get active and, most importantly – just simply have fun and enjoy the game of basketball.

FBA Basketball Training for Girls and Boys

In this day and age, basketball has to compete with technology and video games for kids’ leisure time, so it’s more important to get our young kids involved and join a summer basketball clinic.

What a great way to get our children to put those gadgets down and get some fun physical activity!

Improve your skills in Ball handling, passing and shooting with FBA!

Summer basketball clinics allow a way to make the sport enjoyable and fun. The drills at camp stimulates their mental and physical growth. By the end of the camp, the kids overcome their shyness and become more sociable and confident.

There are plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in joining a summer basketball clinic in the Philippines. At Filipino Basketball Academy, our program provides summer camps with the opportunity for play while learning the fundamentals in a safe sports environment such as community centers and local subdivisions.

In addition, Filipino Basketball Academy offers many opportunities for advance basketball training and tournaments for juniors and adults.

There is no better time to start than now.

Learn more about our summer program, schedule and venues here.

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